Safeguard Announces Acquisition of Cincinnati-Based Summit by Safeguard Distributor Matt Mock

April 01, 2018

M.J. Mock & Associates to Expand Ohio Presence, Aims to Bring Youthful Vision to Existing Distributorship

CENTERVILLE, OH – Safeguard, the provider of products, services and expertise designed to help businesses across North America grow, recently announced the distributor-led acquisition of Cincinnati-based company Summit by Matt Mock of M.J. Mock & Associates, dba Safeguard. The sale of Summit was facilitated through Safeguard’s Business Acquisitions and Mergers (BAM) team, and is the latest transaction involving some of the largest and most recognized enterprises in the industry.

Mock has been a part of the Safeguard network for more than 16 years, working on the operational side of the business when his father founded S.F. Mock & Associates. The two completed four acquisitions during their tenure together while managing to maintain the high level of customer service that their clients came to expect. In January of 2017, Mock purchased the distributorship from his father, changing the name to M.J. Mock & Associates, and has been gradually building up his book of business ever since.

“Historically, we have not been afraid of acquiring additional business,” said Mock. “When I ran this business with my father, the two of us completed numerous acquisitions. While the purchase of Summit is the first transaction I’ve completed on my own, I have no reservations about the level of support we’ll be able to provide to existing customers because of the infrastructure we’ve set up with our customer service team.”

The genesis of this transaction started more than five years ago when Mock first connected with Summit’s existing owners after realizing that the majority of their two territories overlapped. While the purchase of Summit by S.F. Mock & Associates didn’t come to fruition at that time, Safeguard’s Business Mergers and Acquisitions (BAM) team purchased Summit to help prepare it for new owners. The business had been run by the corporate team for almost two years, until April of 2018 when Mock decided it was time to close the deal.

“Many customers are located in the Cincinnati market, making the face to face personal interaction that has helped our existing distributorship thrive. We like to have ‘feet on the street,’ visiting customers and creating relationships. There is only so much you can do over the phone or by email. It means so much more to customers when you meet face to face – whether that’s helping to solve a problem or to celebrate when we deliver a great product.”

Promotional products and apparel is currently a small part of Summit’s existing business, but this particular area is where Mock has thrived with his existing distributorship. He believes there’s huge growth opportunity under his guidance and plans to make that a big part of their strategy moving forward.

“We’re excited to see what Matt is able to accomplish with this most recent acquisition,” said R. Scott Sutton, Vice President at Safeguard and leader of the BAM team. “The amount of time that his team has dedicated to making customer service a top priority is unmatched and will be a great asset as Summit transitions under the M.J. Mock & Associates umbrella. The BAM team is proud to have been able to support Matt throughout his journey and will continue to do so as he looks at future growth opportunities.”


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Since 2008, Safeguard’s award-winning Business Acquisitions and Mergers (BAM) Team has emerged as the most decorated strategic growth team in the industry. With more than 100 years of collective experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business strategy and financial performance assessment, the BAM Team possesses the “know how” needed by Safeguard, its affiliates, distributors and franchisees to complete complex transactions across multiple business channels. The BAM team has completed more than 150 total transactions since its inception, earning accolades at the highest levels. In 2018, the BAM team won a second coveted Dealmaker of the Year award, presented by Franchise Times® Magazine, after first winning the award in 2014.In 2017, the BAM team won an M&A Advisors Deal of the Year award in the Professional Services (B-to-B) category as well as a bronze Stevie® American Business Award as Support Team of the Year. To learn more about the BAM Team, please visit, or follow us on Twitter at”