Safeguard Announces Acquisition of Winnipeg-Based Awareness Express by Safeguard Distributor Kelly Knight

November 05, 2017

Safeguard’s BAM Team Provides Financial and Deal Consultation to Complete the Transaction

WINNIPEG, Man. – Safeguard, the provider of products, services and expertise designed to help businesses across North America grow, recently announced the distributor-led acquisition of Winnipeg company Awareness Express by Kelly Knight of Safeguard by KayCee Promotions. Awareness Express is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of custom name tags, name plates, plaques and corporate awards, offering superior service and efficiency to customers. The sale of Awareness Express was facilitated through Safeguard’s Business Acquisitions and Mergers (BAM) team, and is the latest transaction involving some of the largest and most recognized enterprises in the industry.

Knight has worked to establish himself as Manitoba’s premiere promotions and advertising professional since 1998. In 2008, Knight branched off to form his own promotions business, KayCee Promotions and Design, helping hundreds of Winnipeg area businesses to allocate their resources to promote their products and services more effectively. Recognizing that he needed backing from Safeguard to gain access to name-brand products, Knight and his wife Kirsten committed to Safeguard in 2016.

“Safeguard has bigger and better buying power,” said Knight. “They have more access to name-brand retailers and other product lines. If you don’t have the finances in this industry, your growth potential is limited. Businesses in Winnipeg are always looking for new and innovative ways to grow, and Safeguard has provided us with that path.”

In 2017, Knight was approached by a representative from Awareness Express through his independent website, notifying him that the owner was leaving the company and inquiring if Knight had any interest in purchasing the business. As a business that has been a part of the Manitoba community for two decades, starting as a name tag manufacturer that eventually evolved into a larger scale promotional advertising company, Knight saw the continued growth opportunities of Awareness Express and decided to make the purchase. Both Knight and the Safeguard team believe this new acquisition will help push the brand to the forefront of the print and promotional industry in Manitoba.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to give existing customers access to new products and services through the acquisition of an established business like Awareness Express,” said Knight. “With their strong background and knowledge in name tags, Awareness Express offered unique solutions that I thought were critical to making our business more robust and solidifying our reputation as a solutions provider.”

As a part of the Business Acquisitions and Mergers Program, Safeguard’s Business Acquisitions and Mergers (BAM) team was responsible for effectively communicating and implementing the different processes and necessary steps involved in making this transaction occur.

“We’re committed to helping our distributors grow their businesses, and the sale of Awareness Express to Kelly Knight was an effective strategy to extend the capabilities of Kelly Knight’s business,” said R. Scott Sutton, Vice President at Safeguard and leader of the BAM team. “He has been a valued member of the Safeguard family and we look forward to this next step in his tenure with our brand.”

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